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NO MEANS NO is a European project that wants to empower women with disabilities
to live a life without violence.

The NO MEANS NO project wants to do this through feminist self-defence.

The project is led by 7 organisations from:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland

Women with disabilities face more violence and discrimination
compared to women without disabilities and men with disabilities.

Women with disabilities report violence that often lasts longer and is more harmful
compared to violence against other groups of people. 

When women with disabilities report violence to the police
they are more likely not to get the right help.

The NO MEANS NO project
wants to empower women with disabilities
and show them what abilities they have to defend themselves. 

The NO MEANS NO project 
will last for 2 years.
It started in January 2020 
and will end in December 2021.

The first step is training for 
feminist self-defence trainers.

So that feminist self-defence trainers
learn how to work with 
women with all types of disabilities. 

After the training
the feminist self-defence trainers
will organise a workshop for women with disabilities 
in their communities.

They plan to give training 
to more than 800 women with disabilities.

Because not all women with disabilities
can take part in the workshop
the NO MEANS NO project makes a safety guide. 

You can help us 
to make the safety guide
useful for women with disabilities.

You can do this
by sharing your success stories.

For example you can share 
a moment in your life
where you said no to violence 
or defended yourself against violence.

To raise awareness on violence
against women with disabilities
all the partners of the NO MEANS NO project
will organise activities and events. 

Take a look at our agenda 
to see if there are any events 
in your area.

What is feminist self-defence?

Feminist self-defence
helps women with disabilities 
to protect themselves against violence 
and to stop violence.

Feminist self-defence also helps women 
to feel good about themselves 
and have less fears.

Women who were trained in feminist self-defence
face less sexual and physical violence
when compared with other women. 

Women who were trained in feminist self-defence 
are also more often able to defend themselves. 

This is why feminist self-defenceis a very important tool
to prevent violence.

The NO MEANS NO project
wants to make feminist self-defence
to women with disabilities.

The NO MEANS NO project
is about accessibility and inclusion. 

This is why we want our website
to be accessible and inclusive. 

To do this 
we chose the Any Surfer label
as a standard of web accessibility.

To create an accessible website
will be a process
for the next 2 years.

This means you will see our website 
getting more accessible
over the years.

Blue words explained

Accessible and Accessibility

Something is accessible 
when it is possible 
to use for people with disabilities.

This can be for example:

  • Ramps to get into a building.
  • Information in easy-to-read. 
  • Information in sign language.

Accessibility is about making things accessible. 

Any Surfer label

Any Surfer is a business 
that helps other organisations 
to make their websites accessible. 

So when organisations say
that they have the Any Surfer label
it means that Any Surfer
will help the organisation to make their website
accessible for all. 


Discrimination means
that you are treated worse than others
or that you do not get the chances you deserve.

It is discrimination
when it happens because of your disability.

It can also happen to other people.
For example people who have a different skin colour.
Or older people.

Feminist self-defence

Feminist self-defence helps women with disabilities 
to protect themselves against violence 
and to stop violence.